To me, photographs are one of the most powerful things in this world. How many things can completely transport you back to another point in time and make you feel emotions you haven’t felt for years?
In my house, I have stacks and stacks of old leather albums filled with photographs my Dad took of every holiday, every event and more often than anything else… every pub trip. When I look through these photos, I can smell the hot coal from the steam trains we used to ride in Yorkshire, hear the sound of his voice calling my name and feel the warm evening breeze on a walk through our favourite town in Spain.

My main goal is to capture all of this for you (in my little unobtrusive ninja way)
Every wave of emotion from the adoring smiles of your family, proud tears shed by your best friend, heart-warming slow dance shared by your grandparents and of course all the wild and wonderful antics of when that champers kicks in and many inner Louis Spence’s are unleashed.

It's really important to me that you feel at ease despite having a camera on you. I completely know the feeling of dreading having a photo taken, but I also know the feeling of seeing the outcome and realising it wasn't as bad as I was expecting and instead seeing a smiley, happy person!

I have been incredibly lucky to work with truly truly wonderful humans (and doggo's for that matter) who have come to feel like friends. For me this isn’t a job, it’s a passion and in a sense, it's also my therapy. There are no words in this world to describe the feeling I’m overcome with when I receive the reaction of my couples after they’ve seen their photos for the first time.

I'm a little adventurer, so I am definitely one for running up hills at sunset, dancing under clouds of rain, laying in fields of flowers and strolling through city streets and it makes me incredibly happy when my couples are as enthusiastic about these moments as I am... because this fun and these feelings are exactly what your day is about.

All in all, I love people, I love adventure & I love stories… so let me be apart of yours!


I like to keep things simple & easy and my pricing is no exception. I have one standard price that includes everything for your day.
I travel anywhere and everywhere.

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Albums & Prints

For me personally, there is no better feeling than seeing your memories in print. To me, it's so important to make the most of your photographs and have them in physical form.

It's hard to explain the feeling, but these albums are just the most beautiful things to unwrap and keep forever.