First and foremost, I am a dreamer. I am a dreamer who appears to be living in the wrong era and believes that any dream is capable of becoming a reality.

I have a lot of love for life and some things in particular I maybe even have a slight obsession for:

Misty mornings and cosy rain (yes, rain!) | Autumn and Christmas magic | Forests, mountains, English countryside and beautiful European cities | The cool breeze that hits your skin after sunset on a hot summers day | Paris | Pyjamas and thick jumpers, curled up with a good film | Friends (in real life and the TV series!) family and Poppy the cat | Cake

So as you can imagine my perfect wedding would be in a forest, with fairy lights everywhere, in the autumn, family and friends all around, endless amounts of cake and animals… next to the Eiffel Tower?


• I like to produce very natural work – no awkward poses, no bossing you around, simply capturing you as you are with a little guidance.
• I’m very easy going, friendly and always full of advice and enthusiasm.
• I work unobtrusively, blending in with your guests while also making my presence known.
• I adore the individuality of each wedding.

My soul purpose is to imagine and create, so… shall we create together?




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